Law Enforcement Upfitting<

Day Wireless upfits all types of vehicles for law enforcement including standard patrol vehicles, command vehicles, K-9 transport, communication trailers, surveillance, and specialty tactical vehicles.

Example services include

  • Emergency Lights and Sirens
  • Consoles
  • Mobile Radios, Antennas, Vehicular Repeaters
  • Cage, Push Bumpers, Decals, Tinting, Vehicle Armor
  • Gun Locks & Racks
  • Bluetooth and IOT sensors
  • Prisoner seating, partitions, and window barriers
  • Rugged Computing, MDT's, and Mounts
  • In car and officer worn video systems
  • ALPR camera systems
  • Rugged LTE Modems & Mobile Data/Wi-Fi Gateways
  • K-9 Transport
  • Storage Solutions