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Weiser Solutions has worked hard to manufacture a truly universal gun rack that incorporates all of the tested benefits of Overland Safety Systems PryStop Protection while allowing you to up-fit your pump shotguns and AR-15s to meet all of your tactical needs. Adjustability is the name of the game when it comes to tactical accessories, and Weiser Solutions gun rack both meets, and dramatically exceeds that requirement.

Available in both single and dual configurations, Weiser Solutions gun rack will satisfy your requirements when it comes to mounting your long guns in Law Enforcement vehicles.

Quality Of Manufacture

Comprised of a T-Slotted, Powder Coated 80/20 extrusion, and fitted with plastic dipped retainer clips and butt plates, the Weiser Solutions rack keeps your weapons free of blemishes while simultaneously allowing you to reposition the mounting brackets and locks immediately with hex head wrenches.

Each Weiser Solutions gun rack and each Overland Safety Systems lock is hand fitted and assembled here in the United States to ensure you receive the highest quality protection system available today.

Solutions & Services

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Headrest Weapon Mounts

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  • Single Clasp-Lock Headrest Mount
  • Single Handcuff-Lock Headrest Mount
  • Dual Handcuff-Lock Headrest Mount
  • Handcuff-Lock & Clasp-Lock Headrest Mount


  • Weapon mount that utilizes the dead space on the back of either the driver or passenger seat for non-partitioned vehicles
  • Available in single or dual configurations
  • Does not prevent the ability to adjust the seat forwards or backward
  • Adjustable and customizable brackets to allow you to determine how you would like the weapon mount to be configured
  • Durable and long lasting: the backbone is 6105-T5 grade aluminum with a black anodized coating and parts are comprised of steel with black powder coating
Universal Weapon Mounts

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Weiser Solutions mission is to offer a one-size-fits-all weapon mounting option while always prioritizing quality, design, and customer service.

  • Single Clasp-Lock Weapon Mount
  • Single Handcuff-Lock Weapon Mount
  • Dual Clasp-Lock Weapon Mount
  • Dual Handcuff-Lock Weapon Mount


  • All of our weapon mounts use a T-rail backbone that allows adjustability of all brackets.
  • Our mounting brackets are designed to work with most partitions and other law enforcement vehicle equipment to allow for a multitude of mounting locations and options throughout the vehicle.
  • Chip resistant and rust proof coating on all of our parts. Our steel parts are all cut with nitrogen to ensure that the paint sticks properly and does not chip over time. All components that touch the firearm have a rubberized coating to prevent rattle.

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