In-Car Video System Installations


Build trust. Capture everything. Re-define police dash cam video with vehicle intelligence. The FOCUS H1 in-car video system ushers in a new age of vehicle intelligence. When partnered with effective video capture, the focus H1 in-car video system improves officer safety and efficiency—assisting them while they perform their policing duties.

Vehicle Intelligence (VI) – Video Analytics

Safe Fleet is re-defining police dash cam video with the FOCUS H1 in-car video system. The FOCUS H1 platform is engineered to support third party Vehicle Intelligence-based (VI) video analytics software applications. Examples include vehicle, ID, or object detection. This system will be able to process real-time analytics inside the police car to identify vehicles and other objects – assisting officers while they perform their policing duties.

Integrated In-Car System and Body Camera

Simplify evidence capture and management by uploading body camera video/audio and metadata into the FOCUS H1 in-car video system.

FailSafe Technology

To ensure that your digital evidence is captured and secure, Safe Fleet’s in-car video systems have light bar and unique sensor activation for event-based video recording. To assure that a critical video is not missed, Safe Fleet’s FailSafe technology continuously records to a separate and secure 128GB internal drive. If the in-car video system was not manually triggered, video on the FailSafe drive can be retrieved.

High-Definition Video Format

Configurable HD cameras with high density video compression for improved evidence capture, transfer, and management – offering higher resolution with less storage requirements.

Automatic System Updates

Wirelessly download software updates and system settings to reduce human error and eliminate downtime during updates.

Rugged Design

So tough, it meets military specification MIL-STD 810G. Built to take on the temperature, shock, and vibration of the harsh mobile environment.

Glove-Friendly, Touchscreen-Based Interface

Designed for ease of use. Easily tag videos with the correct ID and enter data after a stop with a 4.3” LED touchscreen-based user interface.

Intelligent Wireless Microphone Design

The fully customizable wireless microphone allows users to initiate recording and remotely trigger up to two user-defined functions on the FOCUS H1.

Smart Power Management

With sophisticated power management and uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Smart Power Module regulates vehicle voltage, protecting your vehicle’s battery and the system’s own power supply. It also prevents video corruption by automatically initiating a proper shutdown procedure if vehicle battery loss occurs.