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Kustom Signals Inc.

57+ Years Of Providing The Best Quality Products & Service

Kustom Signals has a long history of putting customer service above all else. Your safety, the safety of your community, and the success of your safety enforcement program are dependent on Kustom’s reliable, effective, and superior technology.

Kustom Signals has assembled a team of talented, caring individuals and combines their skills with processes that promotes quality work in all that they do. Kustom understands that we're serving the needs of people everywhere and we go to great lengths to ensure we provide the highest quality in their products and services to the men and women who so diligently serve their communities.

Solutions & Services

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In-Car RADAR Products

Get the best RADAR available to support your Speed enforcement pursuits.

Eagle 3

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The Eagle 3 is the first RADAR to provide a method to independently verify the Doppler patrol speed without an electrical connection to the patrol vehicle.

  • Advanced tuning fork test method with mandatory option simplifies testing procedures (patented)
  • DuraTrak™ tracking bars improve target confidence (patented)
  • Recertification notification with optional lock out (patent pending)
Eagle II

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Kustom Signals’ Eagle II RADAR has proven itself a reliable solution for any agency’s needs.

  • Moving/Stationary Doppler RADAR system
  • Single or dual Ka band antenna
  • TruTrak™ with Automatic Mode Switching
Raptor RP-1

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The Raptor RP-1 quickly acquires targets at great ranges with K or Ka antennas.

  • Waterproof separable display and antennas
  • LCD display makes Raptor easy to use day or night
  • Directional K and Ka band RADAR

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Tracker is designed to supplement your speed enforcement program.

  • 9 operator stored preset distances
  • Measure distances and calculate speeds while moving
  • 100% Solid State components

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