Not all trucks or vans are built to fit the needs of a job site. Use a DECKED storage system to easily organize and access your tools, lock them up to keep them safe, and still be able to load up 2000 pounds of material on top. DECKED offers a solution to the inefficiency of accessing, moving and organizing tools and materials at the job site. Good ergonomic behavior is supported, and with a 2000 lb payload on the deck, operators get full use of the vehicle’s bed while still being to store and organize 200 lbs of tools in each full bed length drawer. Enhance the productivity and efficiency of work trucks and cargo vans with DECKED.

DECKED Drawer System
Organized. Durable. Secure. Storage.

The DECKED Drawer System is ready to help you get more organization, storage and utility out of your truck or van. With a 2000lb load rating and 200lb capacity per drawer, you'll get more out of your truck and more out of your day.

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