Lighting Solutions


SoundOff Signal Beacons
nROADS™ LED Beacon

Available in 2 Different Models to Choose From

  • Low Dome with 4 modules
  • High Dome with 8 modules
Beacons Can be Configured as Single, Dual or Tri-color for Maximum Functionality
  • Single Color: your choice of 3 LED, 6 LED, 9 LED or 12 LED modules
  • Dual Color: 6 LED or 12 LED modules (Direct Connect Only)
  • Tri-Color: 18 LED modules (Direct Connect Only)
Offset Dual Stack Includes 8 Total Modules that Provide 360 Degrees of Intense Lighting Coverage Available in Permanent, Magnetic and 1” NPT Pipe Mounts
  • Magnetic mount includes a 10 foot cig plug cord with integrated 2-button rocker switch panel

Product can be configured to meet your lighting needs. Please see order form under Resources to customize.


SoundOff Signal Lightbars

nFORCE LED Lightbar

  • nFORCE LED Lightbar modules can be configured as single, dual or tri-color for maximum functionality
  • Inboard modules are available in single color 6 or 9 LEDs, dual color 12 LEDs or tri-color 18 LEDs
  • Corner modules are offered in single color 12 or 18 LEDs, dual color 24 LEDs or tri-color 30 LEDs

Perimeter Lighting

SoundOff Signal Perimeter Lighting

Signal Predator® 2 Surface Mount

  • Predator 2 LED Surface Mount Light features wide, bright extreme angle output
  • Light sync technology to synchronize your lights to alternate the flash patterns or flash simultaneously
  • Includes santoprene rubber mounting gasket and mounting hardware with 18 of 3-wire cable

Stick Lights

SoundOff Signal Stick Lights

Signal nFORCE® Exterior LED Traffic Controller

  • Modules can be specified in any combination of single color 6 or 9 LED, dual color 12 LED or tri-color 18 LED counts
  • Modules that utilize white LEDs can be specified as take-down, work lights or flood lighting
  • Designed for exterior usage

Sirens, Switches & Speakers


SoundOff Signal Sirens

Console Sirens feature eight auxiliary buttons for one-touch programming and a three-position slide switch to allow convenient switching for the most frequently used warning modes

  • Button Console Siren features a four push button switch
  • Features an eight-second buzzer alert to notify users that the level or auxiliary buttons are activated
  • Horn ring scroll provides ability to quickly change tones with the tap of the horn


SoundOff Signal Speakers
  • Composite housing creates electrical isolation from vehicle chassis to extend product life
  • Weather tested, glass reinforced nylon material will not corrode like a traditional aluminum speaker
  • Improved design for passive water and moisture egress
  • Designed for clear, powerful output using neodymium magnet
  • Compact design with powerful 100 watt output
  • Includes universal bail bracket