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Built for Safety and Comfort

TROY Sheet Metal Works, Inc. was established in 1930 as a full-service production sheet metal facility. Located in Montebello, CA, TROY services the industrial market nationwide. In early 1990, TROY began working exclusively with a local police department to custom-design consoles to securely house their vehicle electronic equipment. Soon, more agencies expressed similar requirements and TROY PRODUCTS formed.

TROY Products established a goal to work closely with law enforcement agencies and fire departments to develop products guaranteed to meet their specific needs with great emphasis on safety, quality, comfort, and appearance. Strict adherence to this goal quickly shaped the TROY PRODUCTS line into one of the largest assortments of safe, durable, quality and good-looking products available from a single source.

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Computing Solutions

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  • Electronics Trays
  • Mounts
Prisoner Transport

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  • Rear Partition - Prisoner Transport Seat System
  • Window Bars & Door Panels
Storage Solutions

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  • Cargo Deck
  • Cargo Platform
  • Command Posts & Cabinets
  • Elevated Box Mount
  • Equipment Shelf
  • Organizer
  • Vaults
Vehicle Mounting

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  • Consoles
  • Door Panels
  • Partitions
  • Weapon Mounts
  • Window Guards

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