Mobile Radios


MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios

With advanced technology for higher levels of performance and productivity, MOTOTRBO is what you need to keep your people connected, everywhere they go. With double the capacity in digital mode, improved audio clarity, and integrated data applications, MOTOTRBO mobile radios are part of the system revolutionizing the way professionals communicate.

When workers are doing road repairs, technicians are repairing electrical lines, or security personnel are patrolling parking lots, MOTOTRBO™ mobile radios will keep your teams connected. No matter how dispersed your organization is, you’ll be able to keep track of everyone and keep in touch at all times.

Motorola APX Mobile Radios

APX™ P25

Whether you’re a state trooper, firefighter, law enforcement officer or highway maintenance technician, people count on you to get the job done. There’s no room for error. This is mission critical. APX™ radios exist for this purpose. They’re designed to be reliable and to optimize your communications, specifically in extreme environments and during life-threatening situations.

In-Car Video

WatchGuard 4RE® In-Car Video Camera

WatchGuard In-Car Video

It’s more important than ever to capture video evidence of law enforcement operations - so make sure you use a system you can trust. The WatchGuard 4RE is designed from the ground up for the rigors of a public safety environment. It’s easy to install and easy to operate, with the built-in intelligence to help your officers stay safe and efficient. That’s why it’s the leading in-car video system on the market today.

Product Features

  • Wide choice of cameras and installation options
  • Intuitive, icon-driven UI, with direct action keys
  • Record-after-the-Fact, for post-incident retrieval
  • Seamless integration with V300 body-worn cameras
  • License plate recognition, for actionable data
  • Event-based resolution, for storage efficiency
  • Secure backup, cellular upload and live-streaming
  • Dual-drive architecture, for maximum flexibility

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